Our Great Get Together Celebration at Barnet House!

18 June 2017

On Tuesday 13th June 2017 Community Barnet were delighted to host ‘The Great Get Together’ event at Barnet House. Attendees included Barnet Unison, The Barnet Group, Barnet Council, domestic staff, security, Somali Bravanese Welfare Association and Future Pathway UK to name but a few.

In celebration of Jo Cox’s belief that we have more in common than that which divides us. This event was part of a wider network of events, 119,000, held to celebrate community and diversity in our own neighbourhood.

Helen Harte, Office Manager, said “On a daily basis we walk past people on the stairs and in the corridors of this building. Sometimes we half nod or smile as we cross paths, other times it feels a little odd to acknowledge or talk to people we do not know. 

I have always been struck by the rich diversity of people that work here and the work they do. So when I became aware of the Jo Cox Foundation and their aim to celebrate diversity in all its forms I thought this was something we should definitely celebrate, now more than ever."

So we whipped out the table cloths, popped up the bunting, brewed the tea and laid out the cake. The event was well attended and really well received and the comments received were really complimentary and positive and without exception everyone thought it was a great idea.  Visitors to the building also popped in for a coffee and a slice of cake, including Islington Council, Enfield Health, The Larches and Barnet CCG.

A lot of fun was had with the ginormous selfie frame, props and children’s games!  The props were borrowed from Booth Hire who offer very competitive rates for photobooth hire for events – check them out!

Thank you to everyone that was involved and helped to make it a great celebration and we warn you now, next year will be bigger and you are invited.

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