The Autumn Budget 2017

24 November 2017

The Budget largely ignored local infrastructure and charities and contained little that is directly relevant to the sector. Whilst much of it was centred around business and physical infrastructure (e.g. roads, rail, bricks and mortar), there was no commitment made to supporting social infrastructure and no mention of increasing spending on many key public services such as social care.

Charity & local infrastructure - what’s included:

·     There will be changes to Gift Aid from April 2019, simplifying the system and reducing the three current donation thresholds down to two.

·     Insurance premium tax rates have been frozen until at least 2022/23. This is good news for charities following speculation that a rise would be likely and that this in turn would result in charities having less money to spend on charitable activity.

The omission of the voluntary and community sector from the Budget demonstrates that economic growth is dependent on GDP growth, business and investment in physical infrastructure. It has ignored the fact that prosperity is also dependent upon strong, sustainable and well supported communities, and that charities, voluntary and community groups play an invaluable role in fostering these.

For more analysis from NAVCA  on the Autumn budget statement please click here.

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