Events Volunteering

Do you have skills, knowledge or experience which you would be willing to share with local community and voluntary organisations?

From time to time we are contacted by organisations who are looking for volunteers for one-off events or short-term projects and do not have a bank of volunteers to call upon.

How will this work?

We will keep a register of everyone who joins VOLbank (name, contact details etc.) and send out email requests everytime we are contacted for a temporary volunteer. VOLbankers will register to receive details of ALL temporary opportunities. 

Can you guarantee that my offer will be taken up?

NO! Our previous experience of a similar scheme for volunteers with professional skills, ImproVE, was that we received a lot of first class offers and few requests for help from organisations.

Can I leave VOLbank?

YES! You are a volunteer after all. You are not obliged to respond to every request we send you either. From time to time we will contact you to confirm whether or not you wish to remain in the VOLbank and amend our records in accordance with your wishes.

Are you interested in joining VOLbank?

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